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“Tracy has provided a different set of eyes and ears on the issues going on with my life and brought them to the forefront when I could not have a capabilities of seeing them.  Her sensible insight has provided an avenue for me to confront my issues in a systematic and non-confrontational fashion where I can deal with them head-on with the confidence to persevere.” – Michael B. Bellevue, WA.

“I would like to take this time to thank you for giving me the support i needed and to tell you all that you have said to me has come true.You were also kind enough to pass on some messages to my friend who was quite lost.When i told her the messages you sent she was pleasantly shocked and were so true.It was also great for me when we arranged a telepathy meditating session while i was taking an exam,as i was quite nervous,and i was surprised at how calm i was.I had this really warm feeling i thought i was floating in a really warm bath it felt great,and i passed my exam not a single nerve was there i would highly recommend you to all of my friends.Thanks once again xxxx” – Cheryl L.  Southport, UK.

“Thank you AUNTY Tracy you did me good I felt so relaxed and my limbs went slightly limp but it was amazing 🙂 mind went blank and all relaxed xx“ – Louise R. – Southport, UK.

“My mom has always had those weird feelings ever since I can remember. Once I got older, she eventually told me why she had those weird feelings and wasn’t too surprised when I told her I was the same way. She started to look more into what she could do and eventually started to teach me when I expressed my interest in learning. The first big thing she really predicted was me being pregnant about a month before I found out. She told me over the phone and I tried to brush it off. When my next monthy cycle was supposed to come but didn’t, I broke down to take a test. Lo and behold, I was pregnant! Just like she said. She has also been able to send over a few straggling spirits that wanted to linger about in the apartment I lived in with my boyfriend. I also had the opportunity to feel her healing energies. It starts as a slow burn low in my stomach and eventually moves up my body to whatever is hurting. If its a headache, I’ll feel a very calming burn in my head to the point where the headache eventually goes away. All throughout the process, it feels like my body just goes limp and lets her do what she needs to do. If she doesn’t tell me that she is going to do a healing session, I usually know she’s doing one anyway. Not because of the tell tale calming burn, but because my growing baby tends to start doing flips. She knows when my mother is trying to contact me and enjoys every minute when she does. I go to her when I have questions and when I’m ready to learn more about my own powers. Of course I would recommend my friends to her should they need her services.” – Tiffany S. Shiloh, IL